The Ones Still Here [VIDEO]


It was so easy to forget everything else, and everyone else, and focus in on my loss. I knew there were ones still around me that loved me, cared about me, and supported me, however, I couldn't escape remembering the one who wasn't here. The times that we would never share, the memories that would never be made. This week, I talk about the "tunnel vision" that many of us take on when we lose a loved one. It's crucial to remember and recognize the ones still here. Join me as we talk about ways that God showed me in my healing journey to draw from those around us and how to Remember the Ones Still Here. 

Click the image below to view the full episode of Chapter 5: Remember the Ones Still Here. I have also designed a study guide for this video along with questions for the week. If you desire to use this study guide, a printable PDF version is provided by clicking the link below the video. Enjoy week five of the Beauty for My Ashes Devotional Series!      

Click Here For The Chapter 5 Study Guide PDF

Beauty for My Ashes 
Chapter Five 
Video Questions 

1. People are so _________________________________ and so _______________________________ in our healing journey. 

2. It’s very easy to have ____________________________ vision on the loss, losing sight of everything around us and the people around us. 

3. We grieve deeply because we _______________________ deeply. 

4. Each loss in our lives is ______________________________, and we will grieve them differently. 

5. We cannot ______________________________ the ones around us. 

6. We cannot allow ourselves to _______________________________________ from the people around us. 

7. “There are still __________________________________________ to be had, ____________________________________ to be made, and life to

______________________ and ______________________.” 

Questions for the Week 

1. This week, I asked you to speak with at least one person that you love and appreciate, and let them know how much they mean to you. Who is that person (or people) you are contacting this week? What attribute means the most to you about this person (or people)? 


2. Have you noticed yourself, and/or the ones around you, having “tunnel vision” like I mention in the video? What are some ways that we can prevent having tunnel vision? 


3. Who are some of the ones still here that you appreciate having in your life? 


4. Have you found yourself withdrawing from the people around you at any point in your healing journey? If so, why did you feel the desire to withdraw? 


5. What importance do you believe having people around you plays in your healing journey? 


6. It’s important to remember this: We grieve deeply because we love deeply. 


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