More than the music

Music with a mission. That's how we like to describe our music ministry. Our desire is not only to help others spiritually, but also provide for those in need physically. The Bible tells us pure and faultless religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress (James 1:27), and this mandate led us to start our nonprofit Keepin' It Global. Each month, wtake a percentage of our music ministry revenue to sponsor six orphaned children in Kenya and India. These sponsorships help cover housing, food, and schooling. As our music ministry  continues to grow, we plan on expanding our missions efforts around the globe and locally in the United States. 

The dream began when I (Alicia) was just twelve years old, sitting in my sixth grade class, listening to missionaries share stories and testimonies of their service overseas. I was captivated, and something inside of me ignited that day as I envisioned myself traveling to foreign lands and helping children and hurting people. Later, at the age of twenty, that dream was reawakened when I was presented the opportunity take a short-term trip to Honduras to work at an orphanage. Within two months, I raised all my funds, received my passport, and was on a flight to Honduras - and my life has never the same. Holding orphaned children and helping ease their pain caused me to feel the love of God like I'd never encountered before, and it further confirmed the calling God had placed on my life as a little girl. 

Six months later, I (Whitney) joined Alicia on her second trip to Honduras, and we've made missions a pillar of our ministry ever since. Throughout the years, we've been on a total of four trips to Honduras, one trip to Tanzania, and a pilgrimage to Israel. The love of Jesus has been shared through worship, teaching music and English, speaking at church services and women's conferences, providing financially for physical needs, and spending quality time with the children. After making those first trips, our eyes were opened to a broken and hurting world we knew we could never forget. We made a commitment from that day forward, we would always keep our hearts, minds, and ministries global. This sentiment is summed up in our ministry name and tag line,   

Keepin' it Global: Its not our own little world anymore.