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Sometimes the most beautiful things can be birthed from tragedy and Alicia & Whitney's album "Core" is a testament to that. This album was written the year after they lost their beloved father to cancer and it truly takes you on a journey through their process of healing and discovery, and they hope that their music will bring healing to others as well. Their mix of styles varying from blues, pop, gospel, and contemporary christian allows this album to have something for everyone. From the war cry of their song "For the Heart of my King" to the heartfelt message of "Try Kneelin" and the prayer-like lyrics of their title track "Core" they usher you into a worship experience that impacts you on deeper level. Alicia & Whitney say that God really brought them back to the core of who they were called to be during the making of this album. They hope that through their music you can come closer to God to find healing and to bring you back to the core of who God created you to be.