Reset, Recalibrate, Restore - PRE-ORDER
  • Reset, Recalibrate, Restore - PRE-ORDER
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The Brand New Book by Alicia McDermott-Yanik is available for Pre-Order Now!

"Four days after my father revealed his diagnosis to us, I watched him breathe his last breath. I was left shattered and filled with unresolved emotions that stemmed not only from his death, but old, unhealed wounds of the past. I was at rock bottom. The reset button of my life had been pressed and I had a decision to make: I could move on in disfunction or allow God to process the brokenness and recalibrate me to a new way of living. I chose the process, and it led me to the abundant life God intended for me. Regardless of what type of brokenness you may find yourself in today, healing and purpose can be found where God Resets, Recalibrates and Restores."

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