"Beauty for My Ashes" by Whitney McDermott
  • "Beauty for My Ashes" by Whitney McDermott
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"At the age of 20, I had no idea how to handle the death of my father who was taken so soon. I have lost loved ones before throughout my life, but never one that hit so close to home.The thought of living life without him overwhelmed me, but I think the actual process of learning to live without him scared me just as much.“How do I handle this grief?” “Are these feelings normal?” “Where do I go from here?” “Will it always feel like this?” My hope is to let you know that you are not alone in this journey of losing a loved one. Despite each of our situations being completely unique to every one of us as individuals, there are some universal truths and direction for all of us as daughters and sons in Christ. This book is meant to encourage, uplift, and give some direction in a very vulnerable, uncertain time. I pray that in reading and implementing these concepts and, most importantly, daily communication with God, you will press forward in the plans and purposes that God still has for your life."

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