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Off The Grid

Sitting in an open-aired dining hall in Ruaha National Park, it felt like I was in a dream.  We were off the grid in Tanzania, Africa with no Internet, no cell service and the ride to the nearest town was…

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The Thrill is Gone...

This is a blog post that I wrote 2 years ago today. After reading through it, I thought it was worth sharing again. I hope this will encourage you! 

I’m sure most of you reading this blog have heard the…

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My country did not send me to start the race...

It was the Summer Olympics of 1968 hosted in Mexico City. Tanzanian Olympic runner John Akhwari was struggling to keep up with his competitors; he was not trained to run at this altitude and it was beginning to show. Around…

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It's never actually been about me this entire time.

It’s late Thursday night and I’m wide awake. Actually, it’s so late Thursday night that technically it’s Friday morning, and here I am writing this post. I’m officially in preparation mode with our travels soon approaching in three days. 

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Our Visit to the Western Wall

Our visit to the Western Wall  
November 15, 2015  

Whitney and I walked up to the giant sand-colored stones squeezing in next to a woman of Asian descent. She was sobbing uncontrollably praying in another language and I could…

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Sea of Galilee- Come Up Higher

The Lord has really been speaking to me the past few months about coming up higher. To ignore what I see in front of me and meditate on him and his promises. Rising above all that is around me to…

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Come up higher

Come Up Higher

Come Up Higher
Written by Alicia McDermott-Yanik
Have you ever seen a cat follow a laser light? They bounce from here to there and spin in circles until they are sick. Their only focus is that light. What they don't…Read more
He is sufficient

He is Sufficient

From time to time I enjoy reading a good book and the series I have been reading lately has told the story of a family traveling the Oregon Trail during the Civil War. As I was reading, I came to…Read more