The Firsts After Losing A Loved One [VIDEO]

The firsts. Some of the times we dread the most after losing a loved one. The first holiday, birthday, or anniversary; the big occasions such as weddings, graduations, and the birth of children and grandchildren. The truth is, they can be very difficult times; but through my healing journey, God shifted my perspective to begin seeing these dreaded "firsts" as milestones. It's my hope that as you watch this week's video, God can change your perspective, too.  

Click the image below to view the full episode of Chapter 7: The Firsts. I have also designed a study guide for this video along with questions for the week. If you desire to use this study guide, a printable PDF version is provided by clicking the link below the video.        


Click Here For The Study Guide PDF

Beauty for My Ashes  
Chapter Seven  
Video Questions  

1. The firsts ______________ be very difficult for us.  

2. The firsts may _____________ be as difficult for us. 

Embrace these “grace” days.  

3. _________________________________ are times when we sit down with God (figuratively) and work through some things, then move forward.  

4. I think milestones are times we will come across our ______________________ lives.  

5. Milestones are so crucial to our ___________________________ journey and moving ______________________________.  

Some milestones are big moments in our lives, while others are small milestones we experience throughout our daily routines.    

6. You can hold what you’re holding right now and stay ______________________ where you’re at, or you can ________________________ it, work though it with God, 

and continue to move forward and gain healing from it.  

Questions for the Week  

1. What kinds of “firsts” have you walked through in your healing journey?  



2. Have you found them all to be extremely difficult, or have you experienced some of the “grace” days that I referred to in the video?  



3. Now that I have introduced this concept of milestones, can you look back thus far on your healing journey and recognize times that you would now call milestones, 
whether big or small?  



4. If you feel that you have experienced a milestone or milestones, describe what God revealed to you in your latest milestone.  

5. Do you feel that there is an area or areas in your life that God desires to make a milestone? One example for me was the anger I was holding onto of which God wanted 
me to let go. Is there something that you need to let go of so that you do not remain stuck? If so, define it. 

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