Taking 1 Step forward and 2 steps back [VIDEO]

Week 4

I hated this feeling. Every time I thought I had worked through something or finally began to move forward, I was met with a setback. When I thought I had dealt with the anger, overcame the sadness and loneliness, and truly felt happy again, it was a only a matter of time until these feelings tried to overpower me once again. It was like taking one step forward and two steps back. Have you ever felt this way in your healing journey? Well if you have, know that you're not alone. It's something that many of us experience, and it's something we can all overcome. Tune in this week as I speak about what God showed me through this process of taking one step forward and two steps back. 

Click the image below for the full episode of the Chapter 4: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back. I have also designed a study guide for this video along with questions for the week. If you desire to use this study guide, a printable PDF version is provided by clicking the link below the video. Enjoy week four of the Beauty for My Ashes Devotional Series!     

Click Here For The Chapter 4 Study Guide PDF

Beauty for My Ashes 
Chapter Four 
Video Questions 

1. God will not allow your forward ____________________________________ to be destroyed. 

2. Our ________________________________ and ______________________________ are just temporary. 

3. You will still be able to access the knowledge, wisdom, peace, and presence of God that you did in your _____________________________________ forward. 

4. It won’t take you as long to ______________________________ _____________________________ again. 

Questions for the Week 

1. When was the last time you felt that you had taken one step forward and two steps back? Why did you feel this way? 


2. Do you easily become discouraged when you experience times of standstill or setbacks? 


3. What are some wisdom or truths that you learned in your most recent advancement forward? 


4. In the video, I mention how we have an “external hard drive” through the Holy Spirit that “backs up” everything that we learned or gained in our advancements forward. This week, make a conscience effort to access what you gained in your advancements forward whenever you feel as if you’re taking steps backwards.
Remember: Standstills and setbacks are only temporary. 


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