Same Place, New Level [VIDEO]

Ever feel like you've grown so much only to get stuck back in an old familiar place or environment? Have you found it difficult to be the new person you feel you have become in an old place or relationship? This week I want to talk to you about "Same Place, New Level." How will you respond when God puts you back into these old places?

Same Place, New Level Study Guide PDF

Beauty for My Ashes 
Chapter Twelve 
Video Questions 

1. Same place, new ________________________. 
2. It’s hard to be the new person in the old ______________________________________. 
3. Seeing from an ___________________________________ perspective. 

  •       In Revelation, God says, “Come up higher and I’ll give you directions for the future.” 

4. You’re not there to __________________________ back to who you were. 

  •     You’re there to see things from an elevated perspective and to speak into the atmosphere. 

5. God is going to put you back in those places when He’s done a great work in you so that you can ________________ from a new perspective, _______________ new things, and ________________ differently than you ever have before. 

Questions for the Week 

1. Throughout this healing journey, do you feel that God has done something new in you or that you’re a different person than you used to be? If so, describe what you feel is different. 


2. Have you experienced God placing you back in “old familiar places or relationships”? If so, what are those places or relationships? 


3. Was it a challenge for you not to fall back into old patterns or habits? How did you respond? 


4. Do you feel you are seeing old things from a different “elevated” perspective now? I encourage you to think of ways that you can speak, think, and respond differently than you ever have before to people or circumstances around you. 


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