Life Isn't Over for You [VIDEO]

Don't write your story too soon, because with time comes perspective. You will function at full capacity once again, you will have more to offer people and the world than you ever have before, and God IS able to bring beauty from the ashes of devastation and loss. Check out this week's devotional video, "Life Isn't Over for You."

Life Isn't Over for You Study Guide PDF

Video Questions 

Beauty for My Ashes
Chapter Ten 

1. Life in not ______________________________ for you. 

2. It’s okay if you’re not _______________________________________ at 100% yet. 

3. One day you will function at full ________________________________ again. 

4. Don’t write your story too soon because __________________________ will always bring ________________________________. 

5. You are going to begin to _________________ up and ____________________ out again. 

6. Spiritually speaking, we’re in the best position to build up from the __________________________ up. 

7. We can do __________________________ because of our losses. 


Questions for the Week 

1. At any time in your healing journey, have you felt that life was over for you? Did the enemy speak the lies to you that you could never function again, that you had
    nothing to offer anyone, or that nothing good could ever come from this situation? 


2. Do you feel that you are functioning at full capacity once again? If not, do not be discouraged; you will one day soon! 


3. Have you found that time has brought you perspective? If so, elaborate on new perspective you have gained through time that has passed. 

4. I mention in the video and book that there are now things I am able to do because of the losses I have faced. What are some things you are able to do now that you
    were unable to do before your loss? (I even noticed empathy was something new I gained.) If you are unable to fully answer that question yet, what are some things you
    would like to do that you couldn’t do before? 


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