How do we relate? [VIDEO]

 Each day brought a new challenge to face and overcome during my healing journey of losing my father. As if it wasn't enough trying to figure out my own life and what my new normal was, I also had to learn how to relate with those grieving around me. We had all lost someone so dear to us, but we expressed our grief very differently. How do we relate with those who are grieving around us? I share my thoughts with you concerning this in this week's video, and I truly believe that the sooner you can grasp what I'm sharing, the smoother these relationships can continue moving forward. 

Click the image below for the full episode of the Chapter 6: Those Grieving Around Us. I have also designed a study guide for this video along with questions for the week. If you desire to use this study guide, a printable PDF version is provided by clicking the link below the video. Enjoy week six of the Beauty for My Ashes Devotional Series!      

Click Here For The Chapter 6 Study Guide PDF

Beauty for My Ashes 
Chapter Six 
Video Questions 

1. We cannot _______________________________ loss. 

2. Everyone involved has faced a _______________________. 

    -It’s important to stay sensitive to this reality; it is a starting point to help us relate to those around us.   

4. Everyone grieves _________________________________. 

    -We may express our grief differently outwardly and need different things poured into us. 

6. What helps you may not help someone else; what helps someone else may not help you. 

7. _____________ are not the problem; _____________ are not the problem. 

8. Be quick to ________________________________. 

   -They may offend you today, but it is likely that you will offend them at some point, too. 

Questions for the Week 

1. Who are some people around you who are also walking through a healing process from losing a loved one? 


2. Have you noticed yourself grieving differently than those around you? What ways do you express your grief that you find helpful? 


3. In what ways do those around you grieve differently? It’s important to remember this: it’s okay that we all grieve differently.   


4. Have you been quick to forgive in this healing journey concerning those grieving around you? 


5. Are there any instances in which you feel you need to ask for forgiveness? How about any instances in which you feel you need to forgive someone around you? It’s crucial that we live in a state of forgiveness during this time. 



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